My current Apple IIe Setup

Under the Hood of my Apple IIe


Here is the Dual-POKEY Stereo Sound Boards that I made back in 2006

These are some of the Internal MyIDE Kits I used to make for

Here is a pimped-out 130XE with 1200XL function Keys and a hardisk-access LED

I have built 4 of these machines so far. The 130XE looks trick, but the keyboard sure does suck. I decided to start installing 130XE motherboards into 1200XL cases. The 1200XL keyboard has to be adapted to work with the 130XE motherboard. Awesome machine.

This is how I build SIO2PCs... Just use a standard DB-9 passsthrough cable to go from the ATARI to the PC.

Me and My dad built this "Enclosure" back in the 80s. Works great and I still have it.